2006 Honda Accord Sedan EX-L (V6 with 6-speed manual transmission).

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released their list of top 10 cars stolen for 2016 and the type of vehicles are not what you think. Did your car make the list?

Honda Accord – 50,427
Honda Civic – 49,547
Ford Pickup (full size) – 32,721
Chevrolet Pickup (full size) – 31,238
Toyota Camry – 16,732
Nissan Altima – 12,221
Dodge Pickup (full size) – 12,128
Toyota Corolla – 11,989
Chevrolet Impala – 9,749
Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee – 9,245

The NICB offers a full state by state breakdown on their site which fairly closely mirrors this one with the exception of a few fun takeaways.

-NY and NJ delivery men beware, those are the only two states where Econoline vans make an appearance.

-Ford truly is the best in Texas with the pickup (full size) taking the top spot there.

-West Virginia is doing their patriotic duty and only stealing American. That’s right, it’s the only of the 50 states where every car in the top 10 is domestic.[:]