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We know that every house, neighborhood, or family is not the same. So why would they all need the same security system? At Fluent Home, we build custom smart security and automation systems based on your needs.

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If you’re lucky enough to live in Alberta, Canada it probably comes as no surprise to you that the province has been ranked as one of the top five most livable places in the entire world. Alberta’s high livability ranking comes from a combination of factors. Some of the benefits of living in Alberta include its high quality and affordable health care, stable economy, amazing natural beauty, excellent schools and higher educational opportunities, rich cultural amenities, and strong infrastructure.

All Fluent systems are customized to your individual needs!

We know that every family is unique, and not every house needs the same security equipment. Our packages are flexible and our equipment options are broad so that you can get the perfect and totally custom solution for your home.

Thanks to a combination of gorgeous natural beauty, outdoor activities, and culturally rich cities, Alberta, Canada really does have something for everyone. Since Alberta has a strong economy and is generally a safe place to live, it truly is a great place to for families, as well as singles and couples. To make your living experience in Alberta as safe and comfortable as possible, be sure to check in with your local Fluent rep to discuss home security and energy saving options.

Standard included

  • Fluent 24/7/365 Burglary & Theft Monitoring
  • Easy-To-Use Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Customized 8 point Security System
  • Remote Web & Mobile Access/Control
  • Remote Arm & Disarm
  • Email and Text Notifications

Optional Included