[:en]You worked hard all year, paid your dues on time, and are now delightfully surprised that the government owes you a nice windfall. You aren’t alone. More than half of Canadians get a tax return each year.

The average refund from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is in the range of $1,500 +, and though it’s tempting to buy a ticket to the closest sunny location, pack your bags, and start showing off your beach body, there’s a much “smarter” way to spend your hard earned refund.

Home improvements are one of the most common ways Canadian homeowners choose to spend their returns each Spring. Unlike a vacation, they’re something you can use daily, that last a long time, and actually increase the value of your home. Think of them as an investment.

Out of all the possible improvements to make, investing in smart home technology is the best value for money. Here’s why spending your tax refund on automating your home’s processes and connecting devices to the cloud is the “smart” way to invest.

Investing in smart home tech increases security

Home automation has revolutionized the way we think about security. Everything is at your fingertips through a phone application, allowing you to arm or disarm your system, monitor what’s happening at all times, and get alerts if there’s a break-in whether you’re at home, at the office, or away on vacation.

It’s not the future, it’s reality when you use Fluent Home’s security services. Compared to your typical alarm system, an automated smart security system is easier to use and far more comprehensive.

The money savings from preventing break-ins and the peace of mind you get from knowing your home is safe make it worth the investment. The system also serves as a comprehensive platform onto which you can add more devices. Your dealer can install garage door openers, home locks, and thermostats directly into the system, giving you complete security and convenience.

Smart home technology is an investment in your home and life

Granite counter tops, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a brand new roof–all worthy investments into your home. But what about spending your tax return on something that you will use every day, something that will actually pay back dividends to you in the long run?

All-encompassing features, increased safety, convenience, and energy savings are just a few of the reasons that your new smart home will appeal to buyers of all generations. One surprising fact to know is that, despite technology being a mainstay of the younger crowd, people 60 and over actually own more smart home tech than Millennials!

By adding curb appeal, the money you spend can be earned back easily upon sale, and, unlike a bigger TV, you’ll actually get real value from using your system every day.

FACT: 81% of homeowners with smart home tech would be more likely to buy a home if smart tech was already installed (Coldwell Banker)
Smart tech helps you save

Most home improvement products cost you money. Investing in smart home tech will actually put money back in your pocket. Smart lights, thermostats, and other perks help decrease energy consumption, helping you save energy and money. Homeowners can save an average of over $1,000 per year with Fluent Home’s automation technology.

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With tax season in the rear-view mirror, most Canadians are expecting a heavy check in their mailboxes from the government. It’s tempting to spend it all on shopping or a vacation, but the smart thing to do is to invest it into your family’s future.

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