[:en]Adding beautiful landscaping to your property improves your curb appeal and makes the time you spend in your yard more enjoyable. But don’t forget that landscaping can also help make your home more secure, if done right. While appropriate landscaping won’t protect your home as effectively as a high quality security system, it can definitely make a big difference when it comes to deterring would-be burglars.

Here are some ways to landscape with home security in mind:

Trim Tall Trees Near Your Home

If you have tall trees close to your home, more agile criminals can climb them in order to break into upper story windows. You don’t have to have your beautiful trees removed, but the limbs should be trimmed back enough that it would be impossible to climb from your tree to your home. This has the added benefit of keeping squirrels and other critters off of your roof.

Be Wary of Too Much Shrubbery

Criminals love hiding places. When deciding what to plant near windows and doors, try to avoid thick, tall shrubs that offer potential hiding places to burglars. Smaller shrubs, flowers, and plants are better options. If you do have shrubbery around your home be sure to trim it regularly. Some homeowners like to add rose bushes or other thorny shrubs, which make hiding behind them an uncomfortable proposition.

Add Motion-sensitive Lights

Motion-detecting lights are a must when it comes to protecting your property. Most criminals will steer clear once they realize that bright lights shine down on them as soon as they attempt to sneak into your yard. It’s also a good idea to add lights around your driveway, or around any paths from the street to your front door. A well-lit yard is too risky for many burglars. Home improvement stores offer many attractive designs for outdoor lights, making this a visually appealing as well as practical aspect of your landscaping.

Keep Your Lawn Mowed

An unkempt lawn can give the impression that you are away on vacation, or that you are lax when it comes to taking care of your home and therefore less likely to have security measures in place. Keeping your lawn mowed regularly and a neat, tidy yard will signal to criminals that someone is around often and taking good care of their home.

When landscaping your home, don’t forget about your home security. By incorporating these landscaping tips, you will provide your home with an added layer of protection from thieves.[:]