Having a clean, well-organized kitchen makes your kitchen much more pleasant and enjoyable to use. It also makes life much more convenient, as you find yourself spending less time searching cluttered drawers and cabinets for miscellaneous kitchen items. Here are some fun ideas for getting a more organized kitchen:

Use a Hanging Pot Rack


Instead of taking up a large amount of cabinet space for pots and pans, which you have to stack and unstack each time you cook, install a hanging pot rack. Hanging pot racks keep your pots and pans neat and easy to access, while also freeing up a ton of storage space.

Use Small Plastic Containers in Your Junk Drawer


Buy tiny plastic storage containers at a home organization store, and use these to individually stash items like rubber bands, twist ties, and batteries. Your junk drawer will instantly be transformed from a mess to a well-organized storage area.

Add a Chalkboard Wall or Dry Erase Board


A chalkboard wall or simple dry erase board makes a great organizational tool for your kitchen. Here you can keep a running list of the groceries you’re out of (simply snap a photo of it on your phone every time you head to the store), recipe ideas, a running to-do list, and more.

Use Labeled Jars and Canisters


Instead of filling your pantry with a hodgepodge of bags of flour, sugar, etc. that create a mess every time you open them, invest in a collection of jars and canisters and individually decant each pantry item into one. Printable canister labels in a variety of styles can easily be found online.

Use a Cutting Board Rack


Cutting board racks hang from inside a cabinet door, storing your cutting boards in a tidy fashion without sacrificing any counter space. You can even make one yourself from some wood and a couple of brackets.

Buy Lid Racks


Now that your pots and pans are hanging neatly from a pot rack, it’s time to do something about those lids. You can actually purchase a rack specially made for this purpose, which will keep the lids to your pots and pans orderly and easy to get to.

Soon, your formerly chaotic kitchen will be neat and organized, and cooking will be a lot more fun.