Protect what matters most with Fluent Smart Security and get $1,500 in Free equipment.

We Service Where We Sell.

We’re as local as you can get! We don’t even want to build you the best home security system unless we’re confident we can give you the service you deserve.

Changing Lives For The Better!

Every year we make it a point to take time to give back. Not only to our local communities but to humanity. So far we have been to 4 continents and 5 countries including Africa, Peru, Canada, Washington State and the Philippines. Most recently we went to the Dominican Republic to renovate a school and help families in need.We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for this years charity trip!

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Home Automation Technology Features

At Fluent, we provide state-of-the-art home security, technology, energy management, convenience and mobile applications to help protect homes and families.

Monitor and remotely control your door locks

No more leaving a key under the mat or rushinghome to meet the plumber. Fluent allows you toview and control your locks remotely.

View 24/7 live video feeds from your HD cameras

Be home even when you’re away from home. With high definition indoor & outdoor cameras, nevermiss the good and the bad.

Let schedules take care of it

Never forget to lock your doors, turn off yourlights, and arm your security system. Let Fluentschedules take care of it for you.

Be in the know… Yoursystem will notify you

The Fluent app with the Automation packageallows you to not only KNOW what’s going on inyour home but control it as well.

Be there. Even when you’re away.

Using the Fluent mobile app you can access your doorbell camera, indoor cameras, and every aspect of your smart system from around the world. Check in on the status of your home, adjust the thermostat or say hi to your pets all from your smartphone!

Building a system that works for you

We know that every house, neighbourhood, or family is not the same. So why would they all need the same security system and features? At Fluent Home, we buildcustom smart security and automation systems based onyour needs. Our packages are flexible and our equipment options are broad so you can get the perfect and totallycustom solution for your home.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Fluent Licensing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update my panel’s firmware?

Click here to download firmware

I’m moving. May I take my system with me?

Yes! We offer removal, transport and reinstallation services to all of our customers. The cost may vary but it is typically $99 to move a system to your new location and we will provide monitoring services at your new location as long as your new location is an area where we provide such services. We simply request you provide a 30 day notice of your move so we can coordinate your installation.

Which states/provinces do you service?

Please visit our Licensing to learn if Fluent is available in your area.

Where are you located?

Our base of operations and headquarters in Canada is located in Edmonton, Alberta. Our corporate office in the United States is located in Draper, UT

What hours is your call center open?

Our technical and customer loyalty support call center is open Mon-Sat 7am 9pm, Sunday 9am-6pm MST. Our central monitoring station is open 24/7 to monitor and protect your home including holidays.

My system is having problems, what can I do?

We have many skilled staff members qualified to assist you with any issues you have. For your convenience, we have a toll free number you can call for technical assistance which is 1-888-508-6983 . You may also get immediate assistance by visiting our How To  section for user friendly video trainings and walkthroughs on how to operate your system.

May I cancel my agreement?

Yes. If you are in Canada, you may cancel your agreement for any reason or for no reason at all for ten (10) days after you sign your agreement. If you are in the United States, you may cancel your agreement for any reason or for no reason at all for three (3) days after you sign your agreement.

Does the system come with a warranty?

Yes. For the first ninety (90) days, your system is fully covered under warranty. However, the warranty only covers equipment that we install in your home, not equipment that was already present or products that connect with your system not provided by Fluent. If you experience any issues with your equipment even if the problem is due to user error, weather or any other reason, we will send a technician to your home, replace the equipment at no cost to you if necessary and take any other remedial action at no cost to you. After the ninety (90) days has expired, we will continue to stand behind our equipment. If your equipment requires replacement due to normal wear and tear, it will be replaced at no cost to you. However, if a technician is required to replace the equipment, Fluent Home will arrange to do so at our then prevailing travel fee rate.

How do I download the mobile app?

To download the Fluent Home app and access your system controls from anywhere in the world using your mobile device visit the following links. Please keep in mind that you will need to have one of the following packages to be eligible for this feature: Security+, Energy+, Whole Home+.  Apple : :

May I get a discount on my homeowner’s insurance?

Most insurance companies offer a significant discount for homeowners who provide evidence of a verified security system. Contact your own insurance company to inquire about their discounts. You can also request a Fluent home alarm system certificate to send to your insurance company by contacting our customer loyalty team or through the customer portal

May I change my billing date?

Certainly. We bill every five days of the month giving our customers five (5) different and convenient days to choose from. You can receive your bill on the 1

Do I need a permit for my alarm system?

Some cities do require you to register your alarm system and some cities do not. Registration fees and requirements will vary by city. Please visit your local municipal website for more information.

Does Fluent Home have a special military policy?

Yes we do! You can learn more about it here

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