10 Activities For The Family

Your family is our number one priority.

Families are a key part of our lives. Families come in many shapes, sizes and backgrounds and having loved ones close around you is part of what makes life great.

We are in the business of protecting lives and securing families. We build and provide technology that will improve how your family lives every day. We want to make protecting what’s most important as easy as possible, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about security and can instead, spend quality time with your family.

We’ve put together a few ideas for exciting activities that will help you have a fun and great time together as a family – no matter what your family situation is. These activities can all be started in the comfort of your home and will hopefully help you have fun with yours and our number one priority – your family.

1. Family movie night

Family Watching TV On Sofa Together

Pick a movie that everyone likes, pop some popcorn and settle in for a cozy night together watching your favorite film. If you can’t decide on what film to watch, try making your own instead! All you need is a smart phone with a camera and a few props.

2. Go Stargazing

Dad and three sons on a clear night looking thru a telescope

There’s an awesome view that we all share outside of our windows – the night sky. Even if you don’t have a telescope, you can still enjoy some of the awesome night sky sights. Check out this website for some basic astronomy tricks and things to see.

3. Plan a service activity

senior woman with home caregiver

Helping other people is a great way to spend your time and draw closer as a family. Pick a local charity or a neighbor that could use some extra help and bring the whole family out to lend a hand. At Fluent, we are dedicated to giving back and we can promise that participating in service is its own reward.

4. Play a board game

exciting activities

Whether its Uno, Sorry or a round of Charades, playing games together can be a lot of fun. Maybe you have a family favorite or maybe you like to try new games, either way, family game night is always a fun and memorable experience.

5. Dinner night


Pick a night where everybody gets to participate in the dinner making process. Put someone in charge of each course of the meal, from salad to dessert. It might get messy at times, but it will be a lot of fun and hopefully be a tasty night to remember.

6. Safety and security training

Smart Home Hub

Take some time as a family to review your plans in case of an emergency. Create a family fire escape plan using our Fluent Fire Escape Template. Review stranger danger rules with your children. Set up unique codes with limited access for each of your children and teach them the proper way to operate the security system.

7. Tell stories


Telling a story is one of the oldest forms of communication. Everyone loves to hear campfire or scary stories. Whether its stories from your family’s past, present or future they can be fun to tell. Also check out your local library for popular books to read together.

8. Create a family green plan

Three children putting items into recycle bin

Sit down as a family and set goals on how to become a “green family.” Living more environmentally conscious will not only benefit the planet, but also save you money! Make sure you set up your Fluent thermostat schedules to use your HVAC system most efficiently and check out our energy efficiency quiz to see how your family does at conserving power.

9. Start a collection

Old photos and photo equipment

Collecting things can be a lot of fun. Starting a collection doesn’t have to be complex or hard, it can be something simple like plant leaves from around the yard, or bugs (if mom allows it). Collections are fun to make and even more fun to share.

10. Slumber party

It's going to be a while until we get to sleep

Have a family slumber party in the living room or the backyard. This can bring all the fun of camping without having to worry about bugs, rain or the hassle of packing. Set up sleeping bags in a living room, tell stories, and make some fun treats and enjoy a unique night all together.

We hope you enjoy these activities and they help your family have a little more fun while staying safe.[:]