Smart Home Experts: Our Team in Your Neighborhood


One of the things that sets us apart from other companies is our in-home approach to quoting our customers about security alarms and home automation. Unlike many companies that hope their products work for you after they’ve sold them, we make sure you have the perfect equipment for your unique home and family.

Every year we send out teams of highly trained professionals to help customers choose a home security system that’s right for them. The representatives are trained to be “fluent” in everything about the home and they are your personal Smart Home Experts.

Beginning April 1st our team of Smart Home Experts started contacting homeowners across Canada and the U.S. to show them the energy, money and time savings you can enjoy with a Fluent system.

As our teams of security and automation experts are out in your neighborhood there’s a few things we wanted to make you and your neighbors aware of.

Fluent Is A Licensed Security Alarm Provider

Before visiting any town or community we make sure all of the proper permits, licenses and training is acquired. Fluent has licenses in dozens of provinces and states. To learn more about our state linenses visit



Smart Home Experts: Dress Code

If you’re ever unsure about who you’re talking to and if they are an official representative of our company simply ask for their name and ID badge. You can check if a rep is authorized by visiting to confirm their identity. Every Smart Home Expert should be wearing an approved Fluent polo that looks something like this:


Fluent Authorized Dealers

Beginning last year we opened the opportunity for security alarm businesses to start signing new customers using the Fluent name. This means that third party companies will be acting on behalf of Fluent, helping more people get access to our award winning service and products.

All Fluent Dealers will be under the same obligations and codes of conduct as any other representative. As with any Smart Home Expert, they should have their ID badge on them at all times and you can verify if a dealer is legitimate by entering their number on the verify page.


Beware Of Scams

Unfortunately, some individuals and companies will try and take advantage of the name or reputation of Fluent Home. You may hear an impostor say that Fluent has gone bankrupt or been bought out by another company. This is totally false and should be a warning sign about who you’re speaking to.

Other fraudulent claims you may hear are individuals claiming to represent the manufacturer of Fluent equipment such as Honeywell or 2Gig. Our security equipment partners will never send representatives to your door or contact you in any other way. It’s always safe to ask for a representative’s ID and verify it on our website.

We are excited to for an amazing summer in 2016 and to help more of our friends and neighbors join the Smart Home Revolution and start saving time and money with a Fluent system. If you have any questions about our Smart Home Experts in your area, our service or equipment please call us at 855-238-4826 or email