At Fluent Home, we are committed to providing security and protection to everyone. Our honest hope is that you will never need to use our system to stop a burglary or accident, and that you never have to experience these things. We are, however, very happy to hear about incidents that were either prevented or greatly minimized because a Fluent home security system was in place.

We wanted to share a few success stories that had happy endings because a security system was in place. The belongings and lives of these customers were protected because of a good security system and fast-acting authorities.

The names have been changed to protect our customers’ identities, but the stories are real.

Tamara from Ontario

Tamara is very grateful that the Fluent Home system was protecting her business property. In February at 2:30 a.m. two thirteen-year-olds attempted to break into her business. When the break-in occurred, the monitoring center received the burglary signal and immediately notified the customer and the authorities. The police arrived within ten minutes. While approximately one thousand dollars of merchandise was stolen from the business, the customer greatly appreciated the fact that the theft and damage was limited to this amount. In this situation, the police department was able to locate and apprehend the intruders.

Samantha from Alberta

Samantha is so glad that she had Fluent Home system with smoke and fire sensor.  In April, at around 6:00 p.m., a fire started in Samantha’s home, thanks to a pot that had been mistakenly left on the stove. Even though she wasn’t home when the fire started, her Fluent system functioned as promised. Her monitored equipment notified the emergency responders immediately. When the customer returned home, she discovered that the fire department was already at her home, in the process of putting out the fire. The fire caused minimal damage in her kitchen. Samantha was extremely thankful that she had such state-of-the-art equipment  successfully preventing more significant damage to her home.

Alice from Washington

Alice was very grateful that her Fluent Home system was working properly and effectively on a late night in March. At 11:00 p.m., intruders approached Alice’s business premise in an attempt to break in. When they broke the windows while trying to gain access to the premises a glass break detector was triggered, sending a signal notifying the monitoring center. The police were dispatched very quickly. Apart from the broken window, there was no further damage to the business premises. Alice was very satisfied with both the performance of her Fluent system and the quick response time.[:]