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No matter where you are… you’re never too far from home.

  • Control your HVAC system from anywere
  • Remotely monitor you HVAC system, but control it as well. Never come home to an uncomfortable house again.
  • View and control lighting and appliances remotely
  • With a simple touch, turn on, off or dim your lighting and appliances from your phone or internet connected devices.
  • Schedule events to run automatically
  • With schedules, let your system take care of everything. With a press of a single button, arm your system, adjust your thermostat and turn off your lights or appliances. No more running around the house.
  • The more you use it, the more you save
  • Did you know your HVAC system can account for almost half of your energy bill? Let your Fluent System automatically adjust your HVAC for when you’re away. It’s almost too easy to save!

All Fluent systems are customized to your individual needs!

We know that every family is unique, and not every house needs the same security equipment. Our packages are flexible and our equipment options are broad so that you can get the perfect and totally custom solution for your home.

Connected Thermostat

A thermostat that knows when you’re home or away.

Why heat or cool a home when no one is there? The Fluent Energy package wirelessly turns your home into a “Smart” home saving you money while securing it 24/7. It also allows you to remotely access your home from anywhere in the world.

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24/7/365 monitoring. We never take a day off… Ever!

According to the FBI 1 OUT OF 5 HOMES will experience a break-in or invasion. At Fluent, our goal is to minimize the possibility of harm or loss of property. By scheduling an in-home assessment, our highly trained technicians can make sure that your home is secured properly and completely. Customizing a system specifically to your home paired with industry leading technology and installation, you can rest easy knowing that you are protected all day, every day.

“My system immediately notified me of the situation and the police arrived at my home so quickly that they were able to apprehend the intruder.”

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Standard included

  • Fluent 24/7/365 Burglary & Theft Monitoring
  • Easy-To-Use Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Customized 8 point Security System
  • Remote Web & Mobile Access/Control
  • Remote Arm & Disarm
  • Email and Text Notifications

Optional Included

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Flood & Freeze Detection
  • Personal Emergency Device (Medical)
  • Lighting Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Automated Door Locks
  • Remote Real-Time Video