Home Security System Increase Home Value

The Value of Home Security

The real estate market seems to be making a comeback. Many people are looking to buy or sell a home and find  the best deal possible. Maybe you’re one of the many people thinking about buying or selling a home, and about how much a home is really worth.

Today’s real estate and mortgage agents and appraisers look into many factors when determining the value of a home. Location is, of course, a large factor in how valuable a property or home is. The surrounding houses, and size and condition of the home are other important pieces of the real estate value puzzle.

Many people don’t realize that a home security system can actually increase the value of your home. That’s right, simply owning a system that is there for your convenience and protection can also increase the worth of your investment.

Insurance Discounts

When you install a home security system in your home you can become eligible to receive discounts on your homeowners insurance. The amount varies depending on the company, but many insurers offer up to 20% off your premium by having a monitored system. Not only does a security system protect you against theft and burglary, but it also protects you against fire or flood damage. With built-in flood sensors and CO/smoke monitors your home is safe from any emergency.

Intrinsic Value

When looking to buy a new home, most people consider all aspects of the house and neighborhood. One of the main characteristics a person will look for is how safe the neighborhood is and how secure and safe they will feel in the home. A burglar alarm will put potential homebuyers at ease, assuring them that their family members and valuables will be secure.

Home automation systems also help increase the intrinsic value of a home by adding convenience to your everyday life. Knowing that you can control your home systems, including HVAC, door locks and lights, from anywhere in the world is not only cool technology but is also efficient and convenient for a new homeowner.

Peace of Mind

The final issue to keep in mind is that whether you’re buying a new home, selling a home or have lived in a neighborhood for 30 years, you can’t put a price on peace of mind and security.

Knowing that your family and possessions are secure and under constant protection is something we all desire – in fact it’s one of our basic instincts. Keeping what’s most important to you safe and secure is our primary goal and we believe the products that make our security possible should be affordable and accessible to anyone looking for peace of mind.[:]