[:en]Social Media Security Tips

Did you know that 74% of burglars admitted they use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google street view to select victims’ properties?

Now don’t rush off to close all your social media accounts, there are always ways to counteract crime. Most of us use social media practically every day. We use it to connect with friends, stay up on current events and find entertainment. Social media is a great tool and can be a lot of fun, but social media can also be a gateway for criminals into our lives. Criminals find information about us that we might not even know we’re displaying. It’s easy to overlook and forget about privacy settings when you make a social profile but your settings will determine your security.

Here are 9 tips on how to keep your life secure while using social media.

1. Think before your post. Everything you put on the internet is public and permanent. Don’t ruin a career or a relationship because you had to post a picture.

2. Turn off location tracking posts or services. When someone sees where you’re posting from they can usually find out where you live.

3. Don’t post when you’re going on vacation! This is like inviting criminals into your house.

4. Use a strong password. Hackers will try anything to get into your personal information.

5. Make sure you’ve changed your privacy settings to show only what you want, to the right people. Learn how to do this on Facebook here.

6. Don’t post personal information or details about yourself.

7. Educate your children on appropriate social media use and habits.

8. Be careful who you follow and friend, make sure you know them in real life.

9. Limit your time spent on social media. Go out and be social, it makes a big difference!

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