[:en]Being a homeowner means proactively maintaining your home to avoid unnecessary repairs down the road. While some home maintenance tasks are optional or can be delayed, others are much more crucial. This year when you get ready to spring clean your home, you should also tackle these home chores. Here are six spring home maintenance tasks you shouldn’t skip:

Clean Your Gutters

By late winter or early spring, your gutters are most likely clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris, making them much less effective than they should be. Clean gutters will direct water from those spring rain showers away from your home.

This prevents potential damage to your roof, and even the foundation of your home. You can get on a ladder and clean your gutters out by hand, or pay a local company to take care of this chore for you.

Fill in Soil and Mulch

Winter snowstorms can wash away soil and mulch from your yard, garden, and flower beds. This is not only unsightly, but can make your basement more vulnerable to flooding since soil and mulch form helpful barriers to excess rain. Start off your spring by picking up dead leaves and debris, and then filling in any empty spots with fresh soil or mulch.

Have Your AC Inspected

Early spring is the best time to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance. Your local HVAC company will inspect your air conditioning system, repair any potential issues, replace your filters, and clean the coils and other components that have gotten dirty. This will help ensure that when the temperatures warm up your AC is ready to go, in good repair, and working as efficiently as possible.

Check Your Weatherstripping

Over the course of a winter, freezing cold air and snow can wreak havoc on your weatherstripping. If weatherstripping is cracked, peeling away, or has holes in it, it will be much harder and more expensive to keep your home cool this spring and summer.

Air conditioning easily escapes through bad weatherstripping, and hot air can get into your house that way as well. Luckily, you can purchase new weatherstripping at any major home improvement store and cut it to size.

Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

Smoke detector batteries should be changed annually, and an easy way to remember to do so is to change them when you spring clean your home. Having working smoke detectors is critical to keeping your home, family, and pets safe. It’s always a good idea to change out your carbon monoxide detector batteries at the same time.

Clean and Maintain Your Deck

Winter has most likely left your outdoor deck dirty and in need of a little TLC. Spring is the perfect time to clean it, restain it if necessary, and make any needed repairs. This way, by the time summer rolls around your deck will look great and be ready for all those summer barbecues.

By performing these home maintenance tasks this spring, you can keep your home running in tiptop shape and possibly save money on energy bills and repairs.[:]