[:en]6 Reasons You Need A Doorbell Camera

If you’ve been thinking about getting a doorbell camera (like the new Fluent HD Doorbell Camera), it’s important to be aware of all the benefits. Here are six great reasons you need to add a doorbell camera to your home’s security plan this year:

  • Package theft is on the rise. The media has been giving a lot of attention lately to package thieves, who take advantage of the times when you’re not at home and snag packages waiting on your porch. With a doorbell camera, you will receive notification on your phone whenever someone is at your front door, and you can even speak to them over the built-in intercom, which is enough to deter all but the most brazen of thieves. If a package is stolen, you will have video of the thief to provide to the police if you file a police report, or even to share on social media in an attempt to identify the criminal.
  • Chat with visitors from anywhere. Thanks to the two-way intercom, you can use your doorbell camera to see who is at your front door or in the immediate vicinity, and speak to them from your smartphone no matter where you are. You can let your kids’ friends know the kids aren’t home, tell the delivery person where to securely leave a package, and communicate with  repairmen, housekeepers, etc. about how to get into your home even when you’re at work or on vacation.
  • Doorbell cameras are motion-activated. You don’t have to spend tons of time sifting through video footage to see who has been to your home, because doorbell cameras are motion-activated. You will simply get an alert on your phone when someone rings the doorbell or the motion sensor detects movement, and have the choice to watch the video right then, or save it for later.
  • Monitor your home remotely at your convenience. With a doorbell camera, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere at any time. You will feel much more relaxed about leaving your home for work or travel when you can so easily see what’s going on back home.
  • Night vision. Today’s doorbell cameras feature high quality video, even at night. If someone rings your doorbell or approaches your home late at night, you can see who they are and what they’re up to without even answering your door. This can help keep you or a loved one safe, especially for those who live alone or are otherwise more vulnerable to potential crime.
  • Easy to install and use. Doorbell cameras are designed to be super easy to install and use. In most cases they can be installed quickly without needing to hire a technician, and without advanced electrical or handyman skills. Accessing your camera’s feed is as simple as using any app on your phone.  

The new Fluent HD Doorbell Camera offers crisp, clear HD video and fully integrates with your Fluent Home security system. Call 855-238-4826 to learn how you can get a Fluent Doorbell Camera for your home[:]