[:en]5 Things To Do After A Break-In

Coming home to discover that someone has broken into your home and committed burglary is incredibly scary. Here are five things to do right away to regain your sense of security and protect your home, family, and finances:

Leave Immediately and Call the Police

Your instinct when you see that your home has been broken into may be to enter the home and look around in order to assess the damage and see what all is missing, but this is foolish. The burglar may still be in your home, and even if they’re not it’s best to avoid disrupting the crime scene before the police have a chance to investigate. Instead, immediately leave the premises and head to a neighbor’s house, or sit in your car with the doors locked while you call the police.

File a Police Report

Filing a police report is a straightforward process. The police will arrive and while some officers investigate your home and make sure the burglar isn’t still on the premises, another officer will ask you straightforward questions and make a report. They will then add details about any missing belongings to the report. This report will be important later if criminal charges are filed against the burglar, and when you file an insurance claim.

Call Your Insurance Company

It’s best to call your insurance company within 24 hours after the break-in to file a claim for anything that was stolen as well as any damage done to your home. The insurance company will need a copy of the police report, so make sure to have one on hand you can scan and email or fax to the agent handling your case.

Make Plans to Upgrade Your Home Security

One of the best things to do after a break-in is make your home more secure so it is unlikely to happen again. A modern, wired security system will instantly alert the authorities if someone attempts to break in. Integrating your system with smart technology will allow you to monitor your home’s security from your smartphone wherever you are.

Consider Seeing a Counselor

Having your home broken into can leave you feeling angry, scared, and violated. You may have nightmares, be scared to be home alone, and have trouble sleeping. If you caught the burglar in the act or the break-in was violent in nature, you may experience symptoms of PTSD. All of these responses are natural after a crime, but a professional therapist can help you process the event in healthy ways so you can move on without lingering trauma. If you have children, be sure to ask them how they’re feeling and pay attention if they seem fearful or start having nightmares. A good child psychologist will be able to help if needed.

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