[:en]5 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Family

When your kids are little, you have a great opportunity to make the holidays extra special and memorable. You also get to enjoy doing things in a unique way for your family, rather than just celebrating exactly how your parents or spouse’s parents did. Incorporating fun holiday traditions can make your holidays even more festive, help you bond as a family, and give you and your children something to look forward to all year. Here are five fun holiday traditions for your family:

Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

Unpacking an artificial tree from its box just doesn’t pack quite the same nostalgic punch. Gathering up the family, driving to the tree farm, and helping each other pick out the perfect tree can be a very sweet tradition. Many Christmas tree farms also offer fun activities, like sleigh rides, which can make this an even more special tradition. For extra family bonding points, be sure to decorate the tree together once you get it home.

Have a Christmas Movie Night

Setting aside at least one night per holiday season to gather around and watch Christmas movies is a fun, low-key tradition that everyone will look forward to. Decide together as a family which movies you would like to watch. It’s good to offer a mix of classics and more contemporary movies, for example watching It’s A Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street as well as Home Alone or Christmas Vacation. Don’t forget to pop some popcorn and set out plenty of blankets and pillows so that your family can snuggle up together.

Help a Family in Need

It’s unfortunately easy to get so swept up in the consumerism of the holidays that you lose sight of what’s really important. While there’s nothing wrong with buying your kids presents they will love, don’t ignore the less materialistic aspects of the holiday season. By helping those in need as a family, you will set a great example for your kids, help instill a sense of altruism that will hopefully last their whole life, while also bonding as a family.

One great way to do this is to provide a family in need with Christmas gifts. Most major cities offer programs that will match you with a family going through a difficult financial time. Your kids will enjoy helping to pick out gifts for less fortunate kids. If your means allow, you might even want to throw in a Christmas tree and a nice Christmas dinner.

Count Down with an Advent Calendar

A lot of the fun of Christmas is the anticipation leading up to the day itself, especially for kids eager to see what gifts Santa left them. Make the most of this anticipation by buying or making advent or count-down calendars. The way these work is that each day you or your child open a small door or window on the calendar, revealing a special treat inside. Advent calendars often contain small candies, chocolates, or even little toys. Not only is this tradition exciting, but it also helps teach your children patience, since they only get to open one per day.

Drive Around to Look at Christmas Lights Together

There is something so magical-feeling about piling into the car in your pajamas and driving around the neighborhood to look at beautiful Christmas light displays together. You can pack a thermos of hot chocolate and play Christmas music in the car to make things feel even more festive. Best of all, this sweet holiday tradition doesn’t cost any money or require much effort, making it a stress-free way to have a little extra family time during the holidays.

By adding these holiday traditions to your celebration this year, you will be sure to make your family’s holidays especially magical.[:]