[:en]One key to keeping your home and family safe from would-be burglars is to understand how they think. Burglars are always on the look-out for the easiest opportunities to break into homes, steal valuables, and get away with it. These are a few things they don’t want homeowners to know:

Homes with Security Systems Are Less Appealing

Burglars don’t want to get caught by homeowners or the police. If your home is obviously protected by a security system (and especially if you have security cameras), most criminals will steer clear. Why risk setting off an alarm, notifying the police, or getting caught in the act on camera, when they can just rob your neighbor down the street who doesn’t have a security system at all?

An Abandoned House is Asking to Be Robbed

Picture it: you go on vacation, leaving the lights off, newspapers stacking on the porch, and no car in the driveway. An observant criminal sees your temporarily abandoned home as an easy target because no one is there to stop them from breaking in and ransacking the place.

The solution is to always make your home look like someone is home, even if you’re halfway across the world. Home automation from Fluent can allow you to turn lights on and off from your smart phone. It’s also a good idea to temporarily stop the delivery of mail and newspapers. A trusted neighbor or house sitter can remove flyers from your door and keep an eye on things.

A Messy Yard is More Inviting

An unkempt yard full of overgrown shrubbery and random objects is appealing to burglars for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it provides them with more places to hide while they scope out your house. For another, if you give the impression that you don’t care very much about your home or how it looks, burglars may assume you don’t care enough to secure it from break-ins either. Spending some time making sure your landscaping is well-tended, garbage is cleaned up, and adding some motion-activated lights will not only boost your curb appeal, but deter burglars as well.

They Use Social Media to Gather Information

Social media can be a treasure trove of clues for burglars. All they have to do is look for Facebook and Twitter profiles of people who live in their area, and skim for posts from people who are advertising the fact that they’re on vacation, or that they just purchased expensive new electronics. Be wary about you share online and keep your security settings locked down so that only your friends can see your posts.

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