[:en]4 Home Upgrades That Will Make Your Winter A Breeze

While Alberta may be known as the sunniest province, our winters are still no joke. In order to get through the upcoming snowy months as comfortably as possible and make winters much more bearable for years to come, consider these four home upgrade ideas:

Heated Driveway

A heated driveway may just be the ultimate winter luxury. Instead of setting your alarm an hour early to shovel piles of snow, you can relax knowing your heated driveway won’t allow snow to accumulate in the first place. Simply head out to your car and drive off, without breaking a sweat. Driveway heating systems can even be extended to cover larger areas, including patios and sidewalks. Heated driveways are typically activated automatically by falling snow and freezing temperatures, so your driveway will be snow-free even if you’re hit with a surprise snowstorm or when you’re out of town.

Radiant Heated Bathroom Floors

One of the most unpleasant things about winter is getting out of a warm shower and letting your bare feet touch the freezing cold bathroom tile. Radiant heating in the bathroom will make your mornings much more enjoyable by making the bathroom floors toasty warm. To up the ante and make winter showers even more pleasant, add a heated towel rack while you’re at it.

Roof De-icing System

Snowstorms and freezing temperatures can lead to piles of snow on the roof as well as ice dams, both of which are serious nuisances for homeowners. Excessive, heavy snow and ice dams can easily lead to costly roof and structural damage. Roof and gutter de-icing systems prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

These systems include sensors that detect moisture and freezing temperatures. Heated cables then warm and melt the snow and ice from your roof and gutters, allowing water to flow away from your home and protecting your roof and home from water damage. Best of all, this all happens without you having to climb up on a ladder to try to sweep away the snow piles from your roof.

Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace is low maintenance (no wood chopping skills needed) and will make winters especially cozy and memorable. Your family will love gathering around the fire at night with hot cocoa to watch movies and play games. Once you have a gas fireplace you may even find yourself looking forward to winters.

These upgrades will not only make your home more comfortable and easier to maintain in the winter, but will also boost your home value. Cheers to staying toasty warm in the upcoming winter months! [:]