Father’s Day is right around the corner but it’s not too late to come up with a creative and thoughtful gift idea. Instead of opting for a generic gift your dad may not actually use, consider one of these more unique ideas:

A Weekend in the Great Outdoors

If your dad is an outdoor enthusiast, making arrangements to spend quality time together outside can be an amazing gift. Some options include booking a fishing excursion, making plans to go camping at a national park, or renting a cabin on a lake for a few days. Quality time and nature combine to make a very thoughtful gift you both will enjoy, and that will lead to new memories.

A Day at the Ballpark

Another fun experience gift is to surprise your dad with tickets for a baseball game. If you feel like splurging and have a major league baseball team in your city, you might want to opt for box seats that include a great view of the game and perks like catered meals. If you’re on a budget, however, sitting in the cheap seats with beer and a hotdog is still a great way to spend Father’s Day.

A Movie Gift Basket

If your dad is a film buff, why not put together a movie-themed gift basket for him? Include DVDs of some of his favorite movies (or some movies he hasn’t seen but that you think he’d enjoy) along with a few of his favorite snacks and beverages. If you live nearby, go the extra mile and offer to have movie night with him.

The Gift of Childhood Memories

For a more sentimental gift, you could have a favorite photo of the two of you from when you were a child framed. Include a handwritten letter about some of your favorite childhood memories involving your father. This gift is inexpensive but will make your dad feel very loved.

By putting a little extra thought and creativity into your dad’s Father’s Day gift this year, you will really show him how much he means to you. [:]