[:en]Canada is renowned worldwide for its safety. For such a large and diverse nation, it provides a shining example on how to make a country live in relative peace. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, though. Crime is still a fact of life here, and Edmonton ranks surprisingly high for certain crimes. Here are three surprising Edmonton crime statistics and how they could affect you.

Smart home security is dedicated to keeping the homeowners of Edmonton safe from both real and perceived threats. The security and peace of mind provided by hi-tech smart security systems helps thousands of Canadians go about their lives without worrying about the safety of their home and loved ones. Here are a few crime statistics to keep in mind if you’re living in Edmonton.

Edmonton’s crime rates are higher than Calgary’s

Despite being a larger city, Calgary has lower rates of crime than Edmonton. In fact, Calgary’s crime last year fell by 1.7% and its crime index fell by over 5%. By contrast, Edmonton’s grew by over 5%. A crime severity index (a measure of the seriousness of a crime) of 100 equals the national average of Canada (taken in 2006), and Edmonton’s comes in at 105. Calgary is actually far below that at 74! (source). For you, this means there is a greater risk of crimes including robbery. While these numbers are still lower than most other places in the world, it is still something to keep in mind.

Breaking and entering is the third most common crime

According to Edmonton Crime Analytics series, Edmonton’s most common crimes are theft from vehicle, assault, and breaking and entering. The closer to the center of the city you are, the greater the risk. The difference between the #3 and #2 ranking is minimal, so, in essence, breaking and entering is tied for the second most common crime in the area.

Alberta has a higher home intrusion rate than BC

Even though British Columbia is home to almost half a million more people, Alberta has nearly the same amount of breaking and entering crimes. In fact, our rate per 100,000 people is actually higher than our Western neighbours. The rates for mischief and other property crimes were also significantly higher. These problems are more pronounced in metro areas as well. So although BC has made headlines for certain gang issues as of late, Alberta still has a larger crime issue.

Canada in general is a very safe nation, but no place is perfect. We still deal with crime on a regular basis in Edmonton, especially theft and property crimes. These statistics help paint the picture as to why homeowners are adopting smart home security in Edmonton so rapidly. If you are interested in better home security and peace of mind, visit us on the web today to see how you can get $1500 in free equipment.[:]