[:en]#fluentcares Charity Project - Vietnam

“The charity trip is my favorite thing about Fluent. No matter how many trips we do or countries that we visit it’s never something you can get used to or that has any less of an impact.” – Kim Blakeney, President

Our sixth annual #fluentcares charity project is now a month behind us. Looking back, it feels like just yesterday that we were there with the amazing people of Vietnam.

The #fluentcares charity projects are more than just a yearly tradition, they’re an integral part of our mission and culture. But just as our president expressed, the charity trips are never routine or mundane. Each year brings something different and every trip renews our perspective on gratitude and belonging.

This year’s project involved one of our largest construction undertakings to date. We partnered with a local construction company, Alma to help with the organizing and planning of a major renovation of a local orphanage. The Child Welfare Nurturing Center in Nha Trang was in desperate new on cleaning, renovating and new materials.

The orphanage is unique because it services both young and old individuals. We met with children ages 18 months to 15 years old and many elderly individuals as well.

During three days, 120 volunteers from Fluent came together to complete over 20 separate construction and renovation projects including; retiling bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning the grounds and garden area, renovating the children’s playground, repainting the outside of the building, laying new cement walkways, and much more.

Below is a video that features the wonderful effort by our employees to make this project a reality.

This year’s #fluentcares project took us half way around the world and the time spent giving back and serving others was time well spent. As we enter the holiday season and reflect on our trip we encourage all of our employees and customers to make an effort to make a difference.

One of the organizers of this year’s charity project summarized our goal with giving back by saying, “Charity work, any philanthropy work will keep you grounded. It will remind you what’s important,  it will remind you who you are and that you don’t get lost in just making money and having fun and being with friends.”

To learn more about our past charity efforts visit fluenthome.com/charity.[:]