[:en]10 Surprises For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Although not considered a “real” holiday by some, Valentine’s Day is can be a relationship game-changer for couples. Whether you’re in a serious relationship or just starting out, Valentine’s Day is a good day to express your feelings.

Many people have trouble coming up gifts or things to do on Valentine’s Day. We wanted to make the process a little easier by giving you 10 Ideas of surprises for your Valentine.

Handmade Gift

Nothing says “I Love You” like something handcrafted. No matter what the item, homemade is fun and usually cheaper than typical gifts.

Scavenger Hunt

Take your significant other on a fun hunt. It can be a hunt for food items or romantic notes you’ve left around your house or around town.

Work Surprise

Check in with the boss first but making a surprise visit to your spouse’s work can brighten their day and add some romance to the week.

Random Acts of Kindness

Take some time out of your busy schedule to do something nice for your spouse. Wash the dishes, take out the trash or washing the car are all good places to start.

Recreate The First Date

Wherever you went on your very first date together it’s probably a fun memory to relive. Go back to where you first met and “re-meet” each other.

Homemade Dinner

A romantic home-cooked meal at the end of the day is a classic Valentine’s surprise.

Book of Love

Write a series of notes in a small notebook of all the reasons you care about your significant other. Write down all the things you love about them and then share the book with them on Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Getaway

Getting out-of-town can be both relaxing and romantic. It doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic to make it memorable.

Indoor Picnic

Have fun spreading out a blanket and eating indoors. You could do it at your home or go somewhere more public and try to make it work!

Secret Notes

Leave secret love notes for your significant other. Simple little notes spread throughout the day will be fun for both of you.

We hope these ideas help you get in the romantic mood on Valentine’s Day. What’s your favorite idea?[:]